I love that only Angelina can convince Louis Vuitton to be in a third world country

I have been back to the motherland twice in the last two years.

I have been in Australia since I was four years old and our family kept postponing the trip back for many reasons. We wanted to wait until the youngest sibling turned 18 (I am one of six) so that chewed up a lot of time. We wanted to make sure everyone’s finances were in check. We wanted to make sure everyone had enough holiday leave to make worthwhile.

Perhaps the real reason was that my parents needed time to heal from their trauma surviving the Khmer Rouge regime. 

The first time I went back - the experience broke my heart yet it also gave me hope.

It made me question so many things in my life that appeared important yet compared to what Cambodians faced daily, was actually trivial.

I love that everyone who I have spoken to who has visited Cambodia whether they are Cambodian or not, all sing the same tune.

They love the people.

They love the resilience and despite their dire circumstances are still positive. Despite their horrific past, they still look to the future. 

I love that Angelina Jolie herself feels that way too. It doesn’t matter what your social standing is, when you witness pain and suffering like that, how does your heart not feel empathy? When you see their smiles and hear their laughter despite their poverty, how does your spirit not sing as well?

While I may have been the educated one, they taught me one thing my primary, secondary and tertiary school education couldn’t give me. 


(Source: cambodiankidsfoundation.com)